Essence Realized works with children, teens, adults and families to provide and support: psycho-social skill development, parent coaching & advocacy, psycho-education, accessing and utilization of community resources and natural supports.

I believe every individual I work with has the power to grow and thrive in life and possesses the tools necessary to achieve this growth.  I work collaboratively with my clients on identifying and developing their own tools, skills, and solutions as they work toward their goals.

I also work in close collaboration with the family/ support systems of the individual in order to promote true, sustainable growth and positive change.

I work in the natural environment to provide "in-the-moment" coaching to improve social skills, conflict management, mend relationships, improve emotional regulation, mood management, problem solving, independent living skills, frustration tolerance...and the list goes on.  While I employ various therapeutic modalities based on the individual needs of our clients, I rely heavily on positive-based, non-punitive interventions that emphasize strengths and builds on the individual's areas of success.

CCS Services

Essence Realized provides the following services through Dane County's Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program.*

  1. Individual skill development and enhancement
  2. Individual and/or family psycho-education
  3. Employment related skill development
  4. Physical health monitoring
  5. Wellness management and recovery

*For more information and eligibility for CCS go to Dane County CCS

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